SOBBS presents and adapts Salt Play for SaltFest

SOBBS presents and adapts Salt Play for SaltFest

SOBBS presents and adapts Salt Play for SaltFest 2013 to celebrate Droitwich’s historic brine heritage.

Local campaign group SOBBS who are working towards the reopening of the town’s Brine Baths, are attending, for the first time, the forthcoming SaltFest in Droitwich Spa which will take place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September.

To celebrate the town’s historic brine heritage, Jane McCann from SOBBS has adapted and directed a short excerpt, “A Flavour of..A Salt Maker’s Celebration”  from the play by Richard Shepherd. Local Actor David Thompson who has had a love of theatre from the age of 5 years and who specialises in character cameo roles will be bringing the person of Richard the Salter to life and taking the audience on a lively, brief journey through  some of Droitwich’s history,  including a glimpse into the life of a Salt Maker’s family.

The short play will be enacted on the steps of St. Andrews Church in front of the Church’s beautiful restored gardens which will also be opened to the public during SaltFest. The performances will take place at 11.30 am and 2 pm on Saturday 14th September and everyone is invited to come along on the day. Many people have responded with enthusiasm to bring the play to life, Sam Hutchcocks, local Artist who has designed a banner, Nik Jones, local composer who has adapted the music,  Monica Sharp from SOBBS who created a wonderful promotional video (see YouTube: SOBBS SaltFest Play) and members of the Droitwich Arts Network to name a few. SOBBS will  also have a stand at SaltFest on the day.


Above: Monica Sharp, centre David Thompson, right: Jane McCann

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